Sunday, September 26, 2010

It's Fun getting DIRTY

Last Saturday the team "Root, Wallow & Roll" ran the first ever Dirty Dash 10K in Boise. It was not exactly what we expected but we had tons of fun anyway. The race consisted of obstacles such as Hay bales that had to be climbed over, tubes that had to be crawled through, tired that had to be walked over, walls to be scaled, rootbeer (or beer) to be drunk, a giant slip & slide (with freezing cold water) to be slid down and last but definitely not least a giant mud pit to crawl/swim/squirm through. Thanks Liz, Heidi, Kristin and Alena. You guys are the best!

Aloha Hawaii

What an eventful trip to Hawaii we had! We had the "opportunity" to fly standby. We spent lots of time in airports but we had fun. We flew from Boise to Seattle and then we had to split up. Briana went to Oakland then to Maui and finally to Oahu, Shannon, Aidan and I went straight to Oahu from Seattle. We did lots of this...

and this...

We stayed with our friends Scott and Audrey and their family whom we had not seen in several years. It was fun spending that time with them.

Once Briana finally made it to Oahu it was on to sight seeing. I can honestly say that I DO NOT like driving in Honolulu. The rest of the island was good but whoever designed the streets in Honolulu was not thinking! We did eventually find everything we were looking for though and even some things we weren't looking for but were pleasantly surprised to find.

On Sunday before church we hiked to the Makapuu Lighthouse. It was a beautiful hike.

We spent an afternoon at Sunset Beach. Here is Aidan "surfing" on a body board at Sunset. :)

And of course you have to have a picture of the actual sunset from Sunset Beach!

Aidan also thought it would be fun to be buried on Sunset Beach with his body board as his headstone.

Saturday morning we went to Pearl Harbor. It was fun experiencing this with the kids. We all went to the USS Arizona Memorial which was amazing. Afterwards Aidan and I went out to the USS Missouri.

After Pearl Harbor we went to the Polynesian Cultural Center and had a great time learning about all of the different Islands and their customs. Aidan had fun hanging out with the men from Fiji.

We finished our trip by taking a tour of BYU-H where hopefully Briana will start attending next year.
We had a hard time getting a flight out of the Honolulu Airport so we ended up flying to Maui and changing our standby tickets to Sacramento where we slept overnight in the airport and then finally made our way home to Boise.

Thanks Shannon, Briana and Aidan for a fun trip!