Monday, July 5, 2010


Finally our first camping trip of the summer. RC, Aidan and I decided to go to McCall and camp for the weekend. I have to start off by publicly apologizing to RC for calling him "old" because he wanted the air mattress. We forgot the pump. I swear it was an accident! After sleeping on the ground and waking up so stiff and sore I could hardly move I laid there waiting for RC to wake up just so I could tell him those 3 words that every man loves to hear "You were right"! I don't ever remember feeling sore like this when I was younger. Hmph.

However, camping was fun.

We roasted hot dogs,

marsh mellows and star bursts and then played a rousing game of "go fish" with some cards that Aidan found in the van.

Sunday the 4th we decided we would like to skip the crowds in McCall and go for a hike. It was fun following Aidan up the trail. These are a few pictures of his "ninja moves".

Boulder Lake was beautiful! We stopped and had a picnic lunch and then hiked back down. Aidan was a trooper but couldn't stay awake any longer. He fell asleep on the back seat of the van while RC and I loaded up to come home. Hmmm, could have been strategy on his part.

The trip was quick but fun and I was SOOO very happy to sleep in my bed last night!


  1. did I read this correctly? you roasted star bursts?

  2. it's amazing to me what our bodies can handle when we are young! I used to LOVE sleeping on the floor or camp out with just a sleeping bag.....too bad that changes as we get older!