Monday, August 16, 2010

Miss Teen Idaho International (Part 2)

Well, the pageant craziness is over! It was very fun to watch Briana compete grow from this experience. Here are a few more pictures. Enjoy.

Saturday morning getting ready to head out for rehearsals

Getting her hair done at Oliver Finley. They did such a good job, only down side is it took soooo long to curl all of her hair!

The finished product! Gorgeous!

Aidan was so good hanging out with us, he was very proud of his big sister!

Getting her make up done. YAY for fake eyelashes ;-)

Miss Teen SW Idaho Int. back at the Civic Center for more rehearsals

Proud Daddy and Brother after the pageant waiting for Briana (2nd runner up) to come out

Briana and Aidan after the pageant

The Fam after the pageant

Briana and her best friend Chrissy

Flowers, flowers, flowers

Briana and her friend Alyssa (1st runner up) in their fitness wear
If you would have asked Briana a few days ago she would have told you that this is her last pageant. However after her experience with this pageant she is re-thinking that. :) She had so much fun and learned so much that she is looking forward to either doing another pageant or working as a pageant coach in the future. Whatever she chooses I know that she will do an amazing job!

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