Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Who Done It?? CLUE!

For Aidan's 9th birthday party we turned our house in the CLUE Mansion! He loves playing CLUE so we thought what could be more fun than really playing clue?

When the kids walked in the front door they were greeted by Mr. Boddy in the entry way.

Linguini was "Mr. Boddy"

RC, Jon and Briana fingerprinted, booked and took mug shots of the "suspects"

Aidan aka "Colonel Mustard"
Baylee was just "Baylee" but she was so darn cute. She wanted a mug shot too and was so funny when we told her not to smile for it!
We ran out of Clue names so we had a few extra Investigators. Hayden was "Agent Black"
Dallin aka "Captain Camo"
Ian also just wanted a mug shot so he was "Ian Man"
Megumi aka "Miss Peacock"
Ricky aka "Mr. Green"
Zeke aka "Professor Plum"
Daelynn aka "Mrs. White"
Mackenzie aka "Miss Scarlett"
RC printed out and laminated their mug shots and fingerprints for them to take home
Although the kids didn't believe me it was completely random chance that the murderer turned out to be Colonel Mustard. Once the kids chased him and captured him they took him to "Officer Jon" to be handcuffed.
Caylee and I decided that with all the chaos and craziness going through the house we had better hide out...in disguise :)



  1. Oh my gosh, Claudia! That really is the cutest thing I've ever seen! I knew it would be cool when you were talking about it, but to see these pictures it is even cooler than I thought. You are SO creative!

  2. CLAUDIA!!! I didn't know you had a blog!!! I love love love the birthday party idea-I may just steal it one day! Thanks for the comment on my blog. If anyone has more reason to feel sorry for themselves than I do, it's you. I need you to move down here so we can feel sorry for ourselves together!!